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Observing in Brussels

With the narrative in the mainstream media, that Brussels is now (June 2017) a dangerous city with the danger for one’s own life to walk alone around there because of possible terrorist attacks, I wanted to face this fear-based mind-control perception of the current reality. And the best way to do that was to literally go down-town Brussels, by myself, this afternoon.

Of course, I went prepared. By chance or not, I listened this morning to information about Arctuarians. One piece resonated deeply within me that an Arctuarian Holographic Player does exactly what I’m doing now: Playing in the 3D within and with holograms. Because I increasingly realize that the 3D reality is a hologram in which I (and only me) am the author of the script that I live. Consequently, I literally experience that I can change my everyday reality according to my beliefs and creation power.

After a nice lunch at the hotel, I went out with GoogleMaps at hand to avoid getting lost on the straight route to the Grote Markt in Brussels. On the way I met friendly people who greeted me and gave me priority. This reassured my confidence and on my way to the Grote Market I came across a nice shopping street and well, I couldn't resist the organic cotton T-shirts at a clothes store. Yet another piece of comfort on my path. This reminded me to my first flight to Niger to visit Niek in 1999 when during my stop-over in Paris I found the comfort of a fast-food chain I regularly visited in the Netherlands (guilty as charged for my choice of food at that time) and my body reacted by lowering my state of being alert. This made me feel more and more at ease, by myself, in Brussels with only friendly people around me.

And there I was on the Grote Markt with indeed impressive ancient buildings. Everyone was grabbing their mobile to take pictures of it all. Me too. And then I stopped taking pictures and I started watching slowly the square, all those people and all those buildings. Did I saw it right? Indeed, the hologram (the image of it all) started to break in my view, a so-called glitch in the matrix.

After some further strolling around, I went back to the hotel and I noticed that there were indeed a lot of heavily armed police visible on the street in the absence of any disturbances. It was even a kind of a relaxed atmosphere. Where did my old image of a hostile Brussels went to?

Back in that nice shopping street, suddenly two heavily armed young soldiers appeared in front of me from out of nowhere. Normally, this would have flipped me completely out of my body. NOT NOW! I was shocked only for a fraction of a second, next I closed my eyes and observed the two soldiers in my heart, and what I saw were two peace pigeons appearing in my heart. Within perhaps the same second I opened my eyes: the soldiers had disappeared, only a pigeon flew up just in front of my eyes.

I continued my way back to the hotel and walked through a small park. An older man and two young children appearing to be homeless were half lying on a bench. The 5-year or so old girl approached me and begged for money. At first, I continued walking, then I turned and looked at her, but she had already walked back. The man caught my eye and called the girl. I gave her some money and looked into her eyes. I walked past the man and the younger brother of about 3-year old, and made eye contact with them. I felt 100% involved, but not responsible, no indebtedness and greeted them: 'bonjour' (meaning literally ‘Good morning’, but I meant “I do see you”).

When I was almost at the hotel, a man was approaching me while looking at me with a big smile. Recognition from two Beings, a “Bonjour”, an exchange of big smiles, and both following our own path.

A perfect day, and I say: Mission Accomplished!

Hmmm, what shall I do tomorrow, on my own, another day in Brussels?


Based on the Dutch blog and Facebook message written on June 8, 2017 and updated in English on 12 November 2019.