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Unplug the Matrix

Have you also noticed that we increasingly hear and read the cry on social media “Unplug the Matrix”? The Matrix refers to the The Matrix trilogy (Hollywood blockbuster from 1999-2004) that describes the current human reality supported by an increasing number of scientific conclusions that we are trapped with our consciousness in a virtual reality. "Unplug the Matrix" also means: How can we be less bothered by this virtual reality in which we live, while our life seems so real-lifelike? And the underlying question is: Can we get out, or unplug, if we want, and if so, how do we do that? Time for some exploration in Consciousness.

The Matrix

The Matrix in its entirety cannot be understood by our brain. It is too big and too complex to recognize all manipulations, programming and influences (or "insertions") in our consciousness; let alone to comprehend. Furthermore, we are entangled with it right from birth, or even from the moment of conception (with DNA of our parents influenced by the same Matrix as ‘source’ code). Consequently, it has become very normal for us to such an extent that we consider it as our reality and nothing else. Like a fish that cannot observe the water in which it is swimming.

This implies that the first insertions of programs have already occurred as soon as we are born into this earthly reality. Some examples of the consequences include:

Being born with this package (or challenge if you want) in our consciousness, our "real life" (matrix life) really starts with new implementations and insertions. This makes most of our own routines a mini-matrix and endorsed as real by the outside world. Recognizable and most common mini-matrices are: family, sports, religion, school, money, relationships, health care, voluntary and paid work, awards and rewards , norms & values in your community that are all interspersed with the above mentioned feelings and within the limits set by your internal and external gate-keepers.

The good news is that in the course of our lives we can learn in each of these mini-matrices how the overarching matrix works in small ways: to what extent it influences, suites and inspires us, to what extent we experience it as comfortable, and ultimately whether we accept it. This process of raising awareness can also lead to questioning of who we are: the person living in this matrix (our Personality or Human Doing) or the Multi-dimensional, Original Human Being?


Once we conclude that we can no longer settle for a mini-matrix and act upon accordingly, we will Dis-cover how we can step out of that mini-matrix. It starts with stepping out of the (programmed) role you currently have within the system. Sometimes this implies literally stepping out of the system, such as saying goodbye to someone (even loved ones) or something, resigning your job or continuing your life without the benefits of the system. This implies also relating and dealing with each other as equals. For instance, in a mature family system we can step out of the role of father, mother, daughter, or son and decide to take the form of the family as a group of equal people. Everyone contributes to the care of the whole group. In case of a parent, listen to the wisdom of your child that can be expressed by words or behaviour. This may help you to Dis-cover the invisible rules that have become the standard of your family mini-matrix.

Through that step you will then discover whether and how the system responds to your literal or figurative "departure". Surprise (or comments that you have become unpredictable) will often be the first response, followed by respect and acceptance, or in the worst-case scenario the opposite. The system or its rulers (gate keepers) get angry, threatening, claiming, tempting, or manipulating to keep you on board in the role that you played in that system (even a tempting promotion). It would be also interesting to observe who in that mini-matrix seems untouchable and should above-all not be criticized. That is the person who is in tight control to maintain that matrix system; the so-called Queen in the ant colony, who must be completely served and maintained. Around him/her stands a number of persons who protect the "Queen" and convince "apostates" to stay in the system of the mini-matrix. These are also your external gatekeepers, and indoctrinate you, one way or another, to doubt your decision to become a sovereign and autonomous person.

The next step in the process of liberating yourself from matrices is to observe yourself: How do you respond/react to the above as Human Being? Do you feel empowered and respected in the choices you made for yourself? Are you taking the triggered feelings such as fear, worries, guilt, feeling powerless, and the actions of Queens and her gatekeepers for real, or do you keep your power within, continue your Research in Consciousness (Inner Work) and accept the associated consequences?

We encourage you to opt for the later because Dis-covering how the various mini matrices function and interfere in your life provides you also insights in how the larger matrix functions (as below as above). The significant difference is you in a mini-matrix can observe the Queen and associated gatekeepers while in the larger Matrix the ruler such as governments, multi nationals, etc. remain invisible, a hidden hand, who seem too far out of our influence and apparently untouchable. With the occurring heightening of the Earth frequency this matrix is becoming less powerful. Actually, the question becomes now (November 2019) whether the matrix still exists in its old programming or that it has already been rewritten from the heart by Humanity? The answer will follow with the next year or so.

Want to know more?

In case you find the above too farfetched or too abstract, then books and movies may assist you further. Especially when you look beyond the obvious in certain movies (open mind attitude), you will Dis-cover some interesting details and gain insights each time you watch. This is the main reason why we started our specialized webshop Especially, the movies under the caption "The World Upside Down" capture our current reality: the above-mentioned Matrix trilogy, Inception, The Adjustment Bureau, Transcendence, The Giver, Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga'Hoole, Concussion and Equals.

Although the awakening journey may be accompanied by trial and error, like a baby taking its first steps, it certainly gives space and offers opportunities to experience things that you could have previously labelled as impossible. In addition, it brings an inner joy you never can buy. It is also enormously supportive to encounter like-minded people in this journey, and to inspire and reinforce each other in raising Awareness of the Matrix and our own reactions therein.

We wish you a lot of courage and pleasure with your personal research and possible "Unplug the (mini) Matrix".

Jolande and Niek

Based on the original blog in Dutch of 25 July 2017, updated 8 November 2019